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Rosé Prestige Premier Cru NV

Prestige Rose NV_560This wine is made with 90 percent Pinot Noir and 10 percent Chardonnay from only Premier Cru and Grand Cru vineyards.

“Rosé de Saigneé” is the method that creates the rich and aromatic rosé style before aging for at least three years.

COLOR: Salmon
AROMA: Wild cherries, figs and a hint of ginger
TASTE: Fine and harmonious, this layers a lightly chalky texture and firm acidity with flavors of white raspberry, rich pastry, lemon zest and ginger. Mouthwatering.

Grape Varieties Used:
90% Pinot Noir
10% Chardonnay
Appellation: Champagne
Alcohol: 12.00%
Sugar Level: 10.00 g/l
Length/Type of Fermentation: Alcoholic fermentation is conducted at low, stable temperatures in single vineyard batches in order to optimize the aromatic complexity inherent to each terroir. All cuvées undergo malolactic fermentation developing a characteristic smoothness and the first inklings of those brioche-like aromas. The “Rosé de Saigneé” method gives the Rosé its signature character.
Length/Type of Aging: The wines are bottled for a second fermentation called “prise de mousse” (capturing the sparkle) then stored at 53 degrees in chalk cellars where they age for a minimum of 36 months.


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