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The 2016 Harvest

This growing season will stay in our minds for a long time as a very odd one. Spring and early summer saw a big sunshine deficit, with abundant rain and, let’s not forget, frost on a large part of the Champagne region. Rarely had the weather been so unpredictable.

Just when doubt was starting to settle in our partners’ minds, however, we went from one extreme to the other. From mid-July to the end of the harvest we had high temperatures, record breaking sunshine and nearly no rain. You could forget about echandage,  the threat of grapes not growing. Not only did they grow, they were heavy and ultimately would exceed our yield expectations.

Harvest took place in the second half of September, from the 19th for the majority of press house to the 30th. The weather was everything we could have hoped for: dry and sunny with moderate daytime temperatures and cool nights, the best possible state for maturation and conservation of the grapes. The grapes were healthy and clean. It was the perfect conclusion to the growing season.

The first tastings of the must have been encouraging, with a very interesting balance of sugar and acid. The better regions this year will be Montagne de Reims and the Cote des Blancs. The Aube, on the other hand, was very affected by the spring frost and has suffered a lot this year.

Now, we impatiently wait to taste the still wines to see what this very peculiar year will bring us!

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