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Duval-Leroy in the New York Times

DVL Femme 2000_600Eric Asimov sings the virtues of Champagne from “bigger producers” in his latest column in the New York Times, and selects Duval-Leroy as one of his Top 10 houses.

“The bigger producers of Champagne are producing excellent, distinctive celebratory wines, even at the entry level,” Asimov writes, before introducing “10 big brands well worth seeking out.”

In his mention of Duval-Leroy, he writes: “From the nonvintage brut ($40) to the high-end Femme de Champagne ($180), a fine range of understated beauties.”

You can find the main article, which appeared in the Dec. 21, 2016 Times, by clicking here, and fine Asimov’s list of top producers here.

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