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Femme 1990

Femme de Champagne was launched with the 1990 vintage for two main reasons, First and foremost, the quality of the grapes in 1990 was outstanding. After a mild and wet winter, the vineyard experienced significant spring frosts and nearly 12,000 hectares were adversely affected. However, in July the temperature and rain levels were normal but the amount of sunshine was nearly 2,100 hours – an exceptional and record-setting amount that had not occurred in the last 30 years. As the harvest approached, the temperature was rapidly increasing and the first musts were remarkable, with an average of more than 10 ° 5 and an acidity of 8 g / l. Also, in 1990 Duval-Leroy had just set up their new winery. Thanks to smaller tanks, they were able to vinify the musts separately and showcase the best parcels of the Duval -Leroy vineyards.

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