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Femme 1996

Femme de Champagne 1996 is an atypical and exceptional representation of the best terroirs of Duval-Leroy and displays outstanding levels of freshness and acidity – our highest ever. The level of natural sugars and richness was also exceptionally high yet maturity is evident. This unique balance of high acidity, high maturity, and high concentration is linked to an unexpected climatic incident during the flowering period.

Chef de Cave, Sandrine Logette-Jardin says, “Because of Femme 1996’s high aging potential, Carol Duval-Leroy and I decided to leave it undisturbed in the cellar. We kept the bottles upside down on the tip, and not on slats, to block contact with oxygen. By waiting to show the wine only when it was recently disgorged, we were able to emphasize its balance without adding an oxidative style. This approach maintained the purity of the wine and enhanced the exceptional balance between great freshness on the palate and maximum tension and complex aromatics linked to the aging on the lees. Femme 1996 is a vintage cuvée that shows at its best because we left nothing to chance.”

The philosophy of Femme de Champagne is the very essence of our terroir.  An exceptional Femme de Champagne vintage is always linked to an extraordinary level of ripeness of the grapes and represents the very best Grand Cru terroirs from mid-slope ‘sélections parcellaires’ to old vines. With mid-slope plots, the grapes reach optimum ripeness because the rays of the sun that touch the vine are shorter and warmer. The older vines concentrate their vigor to produce fewer clusters that are of higher quality.

Suggested pairings for Femme de Champagne 1996 are sautéed chicken with a cream of morels sauce, grilled lobster, or foie gras. A rich cow’s milk cheese, such as Chaource, has a creaminess that elegantly counterbalances the tension of the wine.  Of course, Femme de Champagne is also perfect alone by the fireplace or with someone special.

Vintage: 1996
Grape Varieties Used: 
79% Chardonnay
21% Pinot Noir
Appellation: Champagne
Dosage: 4.5 g/l



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